Weight Loss Coaching in Victorville

Personalized Weight Loss Plans

At Empire Medical Center, we offer nutritional coaching programs that are individualized and tailored to fit each client’s specific needs and likes. Our weight loss coaches can help you make realistic and sustainable changes to create a true lifestyle rather than perpetuating the yo-yo dieting. Our weight loss coaches will assess your current habits, strengths, weaknesses, and beliefs regarding food and help you succeed. Say goodbye to guilt and denying yourself, we will help you find a nutrition plan that works for you to get you to your ideal weight and help keep it there for good!*

*results may vary

Positive, Inspiring Coaching Weight Loss Coaching

At Empire Medical Center, we believe that your outlook on success and your relationship with food, yourself, and your coach are all factors that affect success with any nutrition plan. When you work with our weight loss coaches, you will always be greeted with positivity and encouragement, because we want you to feel accepted and trust us to help you through the struggles of developing healthy habits. We know it doesn’t happen overnight and we know that there will be setbacks. By creating an atmosphere of positivity, we can help you realize that setbacks do not mean that your journey is derailed and we can help you get back on track!

There are many factors that affect your relationship with food. Many people think they are eating healthy when they really are not. Some people are completely unaware that their normal diet is not as healthy as it could be because it is how they have eaten their entire lives. We know that there is so much conflicting information, lifestyles, cultures, and diets that can alter the way people eat. When you work with one of our nutrition coaches, you will not be given a pre-printed meal plan to blindly follow; instead, we will evaluate what you eat and why to determine where realistic, sustainable changes can be made. Yes, this means you’ll get to eat some of the same things you always have rather than adopting a completely new lifestyle!

*results may vary

Expert, Professional Weight Loss Coaches

Each meeting with your weight loss coach will be another step forward in your weight loss journey. Together, we will assess your previous week’s results, reevaluate goals, and look for solutions to overcome any barriers preventing you from being the most successful you can be! We will help you realize your potential and lay the foundation for permanent healthy lifestyle changes.*

Our weight loss coaches are able to modify nutrition plans around any allergy, medical diet requirements, or food restrictions you may have. This helps you to avoid fad diets or feeling any more deprived than you need to be. We can help you modify unhealthy go-to foods that are triggers for you to help you make healthier choices when you do indulge. Because weight loss is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise, we will also assist you with creating a safe, healthy, and realistic workout plan to help accelerate your weight loss efforts.

*results may vary

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