Are you like most Americans and struggle to lose weight? Does sticking to a strict diet and exhausting exercise routine seem impossible? Your weight loss journey can feel daunting when you don’t have the right support. At Empire Medical Center, we are dedicated to helping the residents of Barstow reach their weight loss goals and live a healthy life.

Tune into our weight loss blog to learn everything you need to know about weight loss including why some people have more difficulty losing weight, healthy habits, diet and nutrition tips, and the variety of ancillary weight-loss options available to you at our weight loss clinic in Barstow. For all of your weight loss needs, contact us to begin your journey today!

  1. Beach-Ready? Now You Are!

    Summer bodies are made in the winter, but, then life happens! At Empire Medical Center, we get it. The sweltering heat of the Mojave has you wanting to bare it all, but you didn’t quite hit your weight loss goals you set as your New Year’s resolu…Read More

  2. Weight Loss Motivation

    When you are struggling to lose weight, everyday may be different. Some days you may feel frustrated that you are working so hard and not seeing results, while other days you may feel like it's all working and you are ready to take on the world, and …Read More

  3. The Benefits of Lipotropic Injections

    Lipotropic injections are a tool for those who are already working toward their weight loss goals, to enhance their weight loss efforts. Lipotropic injections are weekly injections that include B12, choline, essential amino acids, and inositol, which…Read More

  4. Welcome to Empire Medical Center

    Welcome to Empire Medical Center, the premier weight loss center of the San Bernardino area. We are a medical weight loss center, providing superior care and helping people reach their goals and realize their potential. If you have hit a plateau in y…Read More