When you are struggling to lose weight, everyday may be different. Some days you may feel frustrated that you are working so hard and not seeing results, while other days you may feel like it’s all working and you are ready to take on the world, and yet other days you may feel comfortable and confident the way you are and feel empowered to quit your weight loss journey and focus on self- love. We understand the ups and downs of weight loss and the reason it is a journey. Significant weight loss does not come easily and it does not happen quickly. One of the most important parts to succeeding is maintaining motivation. Here, we have compiled a list of weight loss motivation tips to remember every day, but especially on those that you are struggling.

Stop Trying so Hard!

If you are taking on a weight loss journey, it is usually accompanied with a dip in self-esteem that was the initial motivator. This puts us into the mindset that we cannot be happy until we reach the end-goal and makes our entire life about the weight-loss journey. When everything you do is centered around a single goal, it puts a lot of stress on you and can be counterproductive to reaching your goals. Take a step back, create realistic goals, and take pride in small successes.

Realize that Slip-ups are NOT Failures

No one can be 100 percent all the time, at anything! We are human and we make mistakes. Sometimes we make conscious decisions to stray off path. Too many people fall into the trap that leads them to believe that if they slip up — have a “cheat day” or sleep through a workout — that they have failed and skip the rest of your workouts to eat pizza. If you slip-up, do not give up on the whole thing. Brush yourself off and get back on track. There is no need to carry guilt or workout twice as hard to make up for it. Recognize your mistake and move on.

Skip Weigh-ins

Many people fall into a bad habit of weighing themselves daily — this is terrible. Our weight can fluctuate from day to day due to hormones, bowel movements, hydration status, and even the time of day! If you weigh yourself daily, stop it! Weekly weigh-ins are still pushing it, because the focus becomes the number on the scale. If you are engaged in a good meal and exercise plan, you may see weight gain before loss, while your jeans are getting looser! Pay more attention to how you look, feel, and how your clothes fit, than to a number on a scale.

Pick Role Models Wisely

It is great motivation to have a role model and or a workout buddy, but be wary. If you role model is a competitive athlete, their goals and training are based on their current conditioning and winning their sport. Although they may have good insight and you can hope their determination rubs off on you, they may also discourage you with their advanced skills. On the other hand, if your workout partner wants to chat more than lift, they are not as motivated as you and it can derail your best efforts. Pick role models and partners that are more in line with your own goals.

Be Honest

Sometimes you may need to give yourself some tough love. Be honest with yourself about how much you are following your plan. This is best done by tracking your workouts and your diet. When we reflect back on our day, we remember the things we ate that we want to, and tend to “forget” about that donut we had at the office meeting or the cookie in the waiting room, because they weren’t planned — they still count! We also tend to calculate workouts by the time we spent at the gym, but that doesn’t accurately reflect your sweat equity. Log your journey, and be honest with yourself.

Change the Way You Talk to Yourself

Self-criticism is not a useful motivation tool. Talking poorly of ourselves only makes us feel bad and does little to motivate us to change. It is time to silence that inner critic and start changing the way you talk about yourself. Any negative thoughts about ourselves only serves to chip away at our self-worth. If you aren’t worth it, then why even try? Do not get stuck in this negative trap. Remind yourself of how far you have come, celebrate small successes, and tell that inner critic that you are, indeed, worth it — because you are.

Remember Why

Always remember why you are on your journey. Whether your goal is to fit into a wedding dress or beat prediabetes, make sure it is a safe reason, and remind yourself often. If you want to set a good example for your new baby, keep a picture handy (if you don’t already!), if it is to fit in a new dress, hang it on your mirror.

Don’t get stuck in a rut on your weightloss journey. Remember that it is a journey and it will take some time. Have fun with it and continue to live your life. If you are struggling with weight loss and want some help on your journey, contact us at Empire Medical Center. We can help you with meal plans, health coaching, and medically assisted weight loss. Call for your obligation-free consultation today!