Medical Weight Loss Serving Barstow

If the relentless heat of the Barstow desert sweltering summer has you wanting to shed all of your clothes, but your extra weight has you yearning to first shed some pounds, consider medical weight loss at Empire Medical Center as an option to get you to a comfortable size, quickly!

At Empire Medical Center of Barstow, we use multiple, effective techniques to ensure rapid weight loss to help you reach your goals before the summer sun has set on the Mojave. Kickstart your weight loss today and you could lose up to one pound each day for the next 30 days! That’s 30 pounds in 30 days!

*results may vary

Barstow’s Weight Loss Fast-Track

At Empire Medical Center of Barstow, we are proud to offer our fast track weight loss program that boasts a 90 percent success rate! Our fast-track weight loss program is easy to stick to and is so effective because it takes just three easy steps!

Step 1

Complete an initial medical evaluation with our weight loss medical professionals. Then, based on your personal physical or medical limitations, preferences, and goals, our weight loss experts will create a rapid weight loss program that is tailored specifically to you. That’s right, this is not some one-size-fits-all weight loss program. Our medical weight loss program is designed to fit you and your needs and can be modified as you go.

*results may vary

Step 2

Follow your prescribed weight loss plan that includes meal plans, exercise routines, and diet supplements for 30 days. You should lose about one pound each day, for a total of 30 pounds in 30 days. If you are not seeing immediate results, your weight loss coach will evaluate your progress, successes and weakness, to identify where the problem is and modify your plan until you find success. Don’t get discouraged, our team will work with whatever barriers you are facing and help you overcome hurdles to reach your goal.

*results may vary

Step 3

By step three, you have met your initial weight loss goals and should be 30 pounds lighter! Then, you will work with your weight loss coach to set new goals and modify your plan to reach your new goals or maintain your new weight through a healthy lifestyle. In this maintenance phase, you will learn how to make lifestyle changes that will promote successful weight management or can help you continue your weight loss journey. Our program is sustainable and completely modifiable to fit your life, no matter the changes you may face.

*results may vary

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Superior Barstow Weight Loss Clinic

How do we stand behind a bold claim such as “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!”? Because it is not simply a claim. Our proven weight loss methods help our clients to kickstart their weight loss journey and develop healthy habits to keep it off and continue to lose until they have hit their ultimate goal. Here’s how we do it. First, it is important to understand that medical weight loss is not surgery or diet pills, it is medically assisted weight management that targets the root cause of weight gain and problematic weight loss. Over the weight loss journey, medical professionals create safe weight loss plans and continue to monitor your progress and health to make modifications as necessary. Our medical professionals have your overall health in mind for the duration of your journey. We will not promote or suggest anything that would compromise your health or put you at risk. It is this philosophy that also makes our plan sustainable and realistically achievable.

Weight Loss Begins With Healthy Eating

Any good weight loss plan includes a nutritious diet. Our tailored weight loss meal plans incorporate your preferences and dietary restrictions into a nutritious, low-calorie diet that is realistic and sustainable. Most fad diets seek to eliminate a specific food or food group from your diet until you reach your goal, which can cause a rebound-effect once you resume your normal eating habits. Our program teaches you healthy eating habits and ways to modify your go-to foods to make them the healthiest options possible. In combination with a healthy diet, our medical doctor prescribes a combination of supplements and FDA-approved medications to boost your metabolism and help suppress your appetite, to allow you to get the most benefit from your diet.

Exercise Plan

Another staple of any weight loss plan includes an exercise program. Our medical professionals will conduct an assessment and build an exercise plan that fits your physical limitations and current abilities. Our programs offer a variety of exercises to help keep you from getting bored and reduce the potential for injury. We offer modifications you can do to help prevent you from skipping routines. Our medical professionals will continue to monitor your progress and make modifications as needed to help you stay on track and succeed. As you progress, your exercise plan can be adjusted to reflect your new and improved skill level. Exercise achievements are to be celebrated as much as the reduction in numbers on the scale and your pant size!


Two of the biggest barriers to people sticking to and succeeding with a weight loss program is external stressors and a lack of energy. To assist you in your weight loss journey, we provide lipo injections and super-b injections to help you optimize your energy levels. Increased energy will help you feel energized enough to not skip your workouts or cheat on your diet, as well as keep you focused on your day-to-day responsibilities, and will help you have a more positive outlook on life that will help accelerate your progress and reduce stress levels that contribute to weight gain and retention. Additionally, we offer appetite control supplements that will help tell your body that you are no longer hungry to help prevent overeating and help you feel more comfortable and content throughout the day.

Weight Loss Coaching

One of the most important components of a successful weight loss program is support. Our weight loss coaches will be with you every step of the way. Without support and someone to be accountable to, you are less likely to succeed. Our weight loss coaches will help keep you on track and can help make modifications as needed to help you succeed in your weight loss goals. Once you have reached your initial goal, our weight loss coaches can help identify new goals or a plan to maintain the weight you have reached.

Lipo-Light Sculpting

Another option and compliment to our medical weight loss program is our lipo-light advanced slimming and toning program. This non-invasive, completely safe option allows you to naturally slim, shape, and tone any part of your body you want. Lipo-light uses heat and wavelengths to target the fat cells in problem areas to help you slim and tone, naturally. Although results may vary, most clients see results with just one treatment. When you combine the power of lipo-light with the effectiveness of our fast-track weight loss program, you will be ready to shed your clothes and enjoy the summer sun in no time!

Medical Weight Loss in Barstow

Empire Medical Center is Barstow’s premier medical weight loss clinic. Led by Dr. Michael Repik, the team of medical weight loss experts work passionately to help the residents of San Bernardino County reach their weight loss goals. Unlike other weight loss clinics who stress a one-size-fits-all strict diet and rigorous exercise plan, our weight loss team conducts a thorough medical assessment prior to creating an individualized plan that targets your root cause of weight gain and problematic weight loss. Certain medical or physical conditions can contribute to significant and persistent weight gain as well as make losing the weight incredibly difficult or seemingly impossible.

Although we are not a medical treatment center and cannot manage your chronic illness or treat your physical limitations, we can develop meal plans and exercise routines that accommodate and overcome these obstacles that typically hold people back from seeking a weight loss program. As you progress, our weight loss experts will continually reevaluate your plan to match your abilities and limitations.

If you are ready to start your weight loss journey and need some help getting started, trust the medically trained weight loss experts at Empire Medical Center in Barstow to get you on track and help you succeed. Contact us to schedule your obligation-free consultation today!