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Has the decimation of the apple orchards of Apple Valley left you a little short on healthy treats and instead left you shaped reminiscent of an apple? Not to fret, Empire Medical Center is excited to bring our medical weight loss services to the residents of Apple Valley!

At Empire Medical Center of Apple Valley, we use a variety of effective weight loss techniques to ensure rapid results. In fact, using our medical weight loss system, you can lose up to one pound each day for the next 30 days. That’s right, 30 pounds in just 30 days!

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Weight Loss Services at Empire Medical Center in Apple Valley

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Fast-Track Weight Loss in Apple Valley

The Fast-Track medical weight loss program at Empire Medical Center in Apple Valley is a scientifically proven weight loss plan that yields a 90 percent success rate! In this plan, medical professionals “prescribe” a weight loss plan that is tailored to your needs to allow you to safely kickstart your weight loss journey in three easy steps.

Prior to getting started, you will undergo an initial medical evaluation to identify some potential root causes of weight gain or stubborn weight loss, and barriers to losing weight that must be considered. Based on your physical and medical condition, your weight loss team will then create a plan for you. It is important to note that we are not a medical treatment clinic, so we cannot manage your chronic illness or treat your conditions. We can, however, identify these limitations to help make a weight loss plan that accommodates medical or physical limitations as it relates to modifying a diet or exercise plan.

Step 1: Our team of weight loss experts will create a medically supervised weight loss plan for you, tailored to your needs and taking into account any limitations you may have. Your weight loss plan will include a diet and exercise plan that promotes rapid weight loss. You may also be prescribed medical aids that will boost your weight loss potential.

*results may vary

Step 2: Our weight loss coaches will work with you to develop a healthy, nutritious eating plan that fits your dietary needs and taking into consideration your allergies, preferences, and dietary restrictions. Because you cannot out-exercise a poor diet, we take a lot of time to create a realistic plan that you can stick to.

*results may vary

Step 3: Congratulations! Once you have reached step 3, you have lost the initial weight and have kickstarted your weight loss journey. In the final step, our weight loss team will continue to work with you to develop a healthy lifestyle, realistic diet and exercise plans that you can maintain, and set new goals. If you still have more weight to lose, we will develop a plan with realistic goals and continue to modify your plan as you reach stepping goals.

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Rapid Weight Loss in Apple Valley: Believe You Can and You Will!

How can we make statements like “Lose 30 pounds in 30 days!”? Because it is true! Our scientifically proven weight loss methods help kickstart any weight loss journey and help our clients develop healthy habits to help reach long-term goals and prevent any rebound weight gain.

How do we do it? We conduct a thorough medical examination and review of current diet and exercise habits to help identify any underlying medical or habit-driven causes of weight gain or stubborn weight loss. Then, we educate our clients on how their unique conditions and how they can overcome these obstacles to get the shape they’ve always wanted — and keep it!

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Weight Loss and Management Begins With Nutrition

Every good weight loss plan and weight management programs begin with a healthy diet. Food is what fuels us and there is no way to out-exercise a poor diet. What does this mean? You cannot sustain a healthy weight or attempt to lose weight without maintaining a healthy diet and hope to make up for it by burning more calories in exercise.

Most fad diets contribute your weight loss to one specific food group — carbohydrates, dairy, meat, fats, sugar, etc. — and require you to eliminate that food group. The problem here is that these are not healthy or sustainable. They are meant for short-term weight loss goals, and once you finish the diet plan, you are likely to experience rebound weight gain.

At Empire Medical Center, our weight loss coaches will work with you, taking into account your dietary restrictions, preferences, and current habits to develop a meal plan that is realistic and sustainable, allowing you to get all of the nutrients your body needs. This allows you to lose more weight quicker and keep it off!

*results may vary

Boost Weight Loss With Consistent Exercise

The other half of any good weight loss plan is an exercise routine. The problem with most weight loss plans that involve exercise is the reliance on calorie burning in the gym. At Empire Medical Center, we realize how unrealistic this can be for most people. First, it does not take into account an individual’s physical limitations or current abilities. Our weight loss coaches help you develop an exercise routine that you can do whatever you can work out and including exercises that you are able to do. We work with you to modify this plan as you become more fit or identify limitations. As you improve, we will adjust your routine to be more challenging — never stop improving!

Elevate Your Weight Loss (and Energy) With Supplements

Some of the most common barriers to sticking to a weight loss plan and being successful are stress and lack of energy. To combat both of these, we provide our clients with lipotropic injections and super-B injections to help boost your energy to help you make it to your workout and prevent you from comfort eating. We also offer appetite control supplements that will help you feel more satisfied and prevent cheating on your diet.

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Find Support With Our Weight Loss Coaching

Sticking to a plan and achieving goals is difficult to do without clear goals, a realistic plan, and support. At Empire Medical Center of Apple Valley, our weight loss coaches are there to support you and help you modify your plan as you go to help keep you on the right track. We will help you identify barriers to success and modify your diet, exercise, and supplement plan until you have reached your goals. Then, we can help you modify your goals to help you maintain a healthy weight.

*results may vary

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