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Appetite suppressants are often a popular alternative among many who are struggling to lose weight. However, many leave the market just as quickly as they entered it, making it difficult to decipher the good products from the bad.

With the main goal of assisting with weight loss, everything our medical staff prescribes has been tested and proven effective*, making the process simple for you.

*results may vary

One of the biggest challenges a dieter can face is overeating, of which stress, guilt and eating too fast, among other factors, can be a leading cause. Appetite suppressants attack the source of the problem by targeting the section of the brain that controls hunger. The appetite suppressants we suggest our patients use go directly to the portion of the brain that sends signals when the body is hungry*. We’ve found that those who are overeating are doing so because they are receiving those signals from the brain, though they are unnecessary.

By taking medication to control appetite, those trying to lose weight are able to retrain their bodies to recognize hunger and respond appropriately*, all without feeling unbearably hungry and miserable in the process.

*results may vary

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